Overton County Jail Visitation Information

A note from the Jail Administrator:

This packet will inform you of what is expected of visitors to the Overton County Justice Center and information that may be helpful to family. If you have any questions contact the facility at (931) 823-5635.

All Clothing is made available by the facility or can be purchased through commissary.

Inmates will receive an intake kit upon arrival that will contain hygiene and toiletry items to get them started until they can order commissary.

A commissary Kiosk is available in the front lobby of the Sheriff's Department so families may deposit money on an inmate's books (the machine does not accept one dollar ($1.00) bills.) You must have the inmate's birthdate as such MM/DD/YYYY, or have their jacket number; the jacket number can be obtained from booking. Money Orders are not accepted, all money is to be deposited in the kiosk in the lobby area. No money will be taken at the window. Commissary is ordered on Monday and delivered on Wednesday or Thursday. Inmates have a kiosk in their housing units and can obtain account information anytime.

Phone service for the facility is provided by Combined Public Communication. A kiosk for telephone time is in the Sheriff's Department lobby. Funds can also be added at www.cpcjail.com

Personal Information, Telephone Calls and Messages

Thank you,
Jail Administrator

Overton County Sheriff's Department Corrections Division Visitation Rules & Dress Code

Visitors must fill out and bring in a Visitor Information sheet, which can be obtained here.

Visitors will comply with all Justice Center rules, policy and procedures.

For security reasons individuals entering or leaving the premises may be subject to a search of their person, parcels, vehicles or other unusual items.

Dress Code

The following clothing will NOT be allowed:

Onsite Visitation Rules

Failure to comply with these rules or violation of any state or local laws will result in the termination of all visits and possible charges.

Please contact the Sheriff's Department if you have any further questions.

Offsite video visitation is available Monday-Friday @ www.iwebvisit.com
Lewd conduct will result in the termination of hte visit and all future vists.

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