Overton County Jail Commissary Information

Below is a list of items that can be purchased through the commissary system by inmates at the Overton County Sheriff's Department.


Single Coffee

Single Decafe

Premium Coffee Bag

Single Stallion Coffee

Sugar Sub. Single

Creamer Single

SF Cocoa Mix

SF Fruit Punch Single

SF Orange Drink Single

SF Lemonade Mix Singles


Value Reeses Pieces

King Size Snicker

M&M Peanut King Size

P/B Cups (LSC)

Kit Kat (LSC)

Chick O Stick

Hershey W/Almonds


Jolly Rancher Kiss

Fire Jolly Rancher


Sour Fruit Balls

Root Beer Barrels

SF Wild Fruit


White Socks

Wash Cloth-White

Laundry Bag

Bath Towel

T-Shirt Med

T-Shirt Large

T-Shirt XL

T-Shirt 2XL

T-Shirt 3XL

T-Shirt 4XL

Boxer Short-Med

Boxer Short-LGE

Boxer Short-XTRLG

Boxer Shorts 2XL

Boxer Short 3XL

Thermal Top - M

Thermal Top - L

Thermal Top - XL

Thermal Top - XXL

Thermal Bottom - M

Thermal Bottom - L

Thermal Bottom - XL

Thermal Bottom - XXL

Thermal Bottom 3XL

Thermal Top - 3XL

Ladies Panties - 6

Ladies Panties - 9

Panties SZ LGE

Panties SZ XLGE

Sports Bra - 32

Sports Bra - 34

Sports Bra - 36

Sports Bra - 38

Sports Bra - 40

Black Croc Shoes 7

Black Croc Shoes 8

Black Croc Shoes 9

Black Croc Shoes 10

Black Croc Shoes 11

Black Croc Shoes 12

Black Croc Shoes 13

Shower Shoe S/M

Shower Shoe LG


Dial Soap

Small Shampoo And Body Wash

Large Shampoo


Large Conditioner

Shampoo Dandruff

Lady Speed Stick

Generic Stick

Suave Deoderant


Toothpaste Short (TB20)

Sensitive Toothpaste

Denture Adhesive Cream

Denture Cleaner

Large Lotion


Medicated Skin Cream

Shaving Cream - Tube


Comb 5in.

Afro Pick

Palm Brush

Shampoo and Body Wash Pocket

Cold & Cough

Relaxer Kit


Hair Gel

Ponytail Holder

Ibuprofen Tabs(2)

Tums Single Roll

Cough Drops

Antifungal Cream

Acne Cream

Hydrocortizone Cream


Contact Lens Case

Sanitary Napkins

Cotton Swabs


Dio-Tame Tablets


Oral Pain Relief


Legal Pad

Stamped Envelope

Golf Pencil



Thinking Of You Card

Birthday Card

Gods Love Card

I Love You Card

Blank Card

Mothers Day Card

Sudoku Puzzle


Soap Box

Toothbrush Holder

Foam Ear Plugs

Deck Of Cards

Pinochle Cards

Crossword Puzzle

Find A Word Puzzle

Holy Bible


Phone Card

Med Pak 1

Ind Soap 1.5oz

Snack Pak 1

Snack Pak 2

Snack Pak 3

Snack Pak 4

Hygiene Pak 1

Hygiene Pak 2

Hygiene Pak 3

Hygiene Pak 4

Hygiene Pak 5

Hygiene Pak 6

Snack Pak 5

Coffee Pak

Lunch To Go Pak

Candy Pak

Lunch To Go Pak 2

Danish Pak

Cough Drop Pak

Surprise Pak

Indigent Shampoo 2oz

Ind. Stick Deod .5oz

Ind. Toothpast .6oz

Indigent Toothbrush

Indigent Paper

Ind. Stamped Envelope

Indigent 5" Comb



3 Musketters

(LG) BBQ Chips

Cheetos - LRG

Tortila Chips - LRG

Pork Skin - BBQ

Hot Cheetos

Chex Mix

Honey Mustard N Onion Pieces

Cheddar & Sour Cream Chips



Dill Chips

Granola Bar

Cereal Bar

Sourdough Jalapeno

Cheeze It

Cracker - Salatine

Tortilla Shells - Flour

Sweet N Spicy Mix

Famous Amos

Oatmeal Cookies

Big Choc Chip

Moon Pie (Vanilla)

Chocolate Moon Pie

Banana Moon Pie

Marshmallow Snax

Brownie Choc Chip

Lemon Cookie Tray

Tray Cookies Duplex

Tray Cookies Vanilla

Tray Cookies Chocolate

Tray Cookies P/B

Hot Buffalo Wing Pieces

Cinnamon Roll

Buddy Bars

Chocolate Cake(2)

Mini Blueberry Muffins

Frosted Strawberry

Grand Honey Bun

Chocolate Peanuts

P/B Crackers

Hot N Spicy Stick

Cheese Spread

P/B Squeezers

Japlapeno Cheese

Hot Pickle

Hot Sauce Single

Beef N Cheddar Stick

Grilled Cheese Cracker

Mayonnaise Single

Chicken Noodles

Shrimp Noodles

Chili Noodles

Beef Noodles



Ketchup Single

Mustard Single

Salt Single

Pepper Single

Ranch Squezzer

Nekot PB Sweet Cookie


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